Keeping Your Team Focused Under Pressure

Most employees and all levels of hierarchy face some kind of pressure at work. As a manager, it is your responsibility to help keep your team focused when under all the pressures of the job. Did you know there are things you can do to help in this respect?

Have a look around the workspace. There have been numerous studies to show that colors affect our focus, mood and concentration levels. The team at tell us how painting your office in hues of blue can make your team relax, have more focus and reduce stress. Maybe you need to …

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Why Businesses Experience Change Resistance from Employees

Changes in business are inevitable but in most cases, you will find staff resisting any kind of change. Take the following example. A company wanted to make a change. When first announced the staff thought it was a bad idea and were resistant to the change. After the commotion settled the staff realised the change was a good one.

As in that case, the staff were resistant. It could be they were afraid of the change or they were unwilling to adapt to it. The business should first understand what the staff thinks about the changes and keep them up …

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Tips to Make Your Marketing Strategies a Success

Marketing strategies should be planned with a lot of care if a business is to benefit. Proper marketing can take any business to the next level but the most important thing is to meet customers’ expectations. Marketing is not all about attracting customers and making profit, it’s also about retaining them. There are several principles that can see your business become a success.

Consider Your Packaging

Whether you are selling goods or services, you will need to consider how you package them when marketing.  What are you offering your customers? If you offer physical products, how are you presenting them? …

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Avoid These Mistakes and Your Leads will lead to More Sales

Lead generation is important in every business but it will not be useful if the leads are not converted into sales. This is not easy especially when it is not done in a professional way. This is one reason businesses hire lead generation specialists to assist them. There are several mistakes that should be avoided to avoid having leads without generating revenue.

Don’t Work Without Knowing Your Audience

When you have no idea what your target audience are looking for, your lead generation will not be effective because you will be offering something irrelevant. You will need to learn what …

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Ways that you can build on Customer Loyalty in Your Business

When a repeat customer comes to your business for services or products, you know you have potential to build customer loyalty. You know that you can retain more customers and increase your revenue. If every customer you have had before came back, your business would be thriving. But how can you build customer loyalty?

  • Have a Reward Program

Word of mouth spreads fast and when a customer recommends them, you should reward them. There are numerous ways that you can reward them from offering vouchers and discount coupons among other things. This will prove them that they are appreciated and …

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Ways that you can Successfully Market Your Business Offline

In the modern world where technology has been embraced in a huge way, most businesses are focusing on reaching out to customers online. They are using online platforms to launch their marketing campaigns, offer discounts and communicate with their customers. Even when online business is growing fast, a business should not forget offline marketing strategies. These strategies can be quite effective for businesses.

Newspaper Ads

People still read newspapers and you can buy an advertisement space with your local newspaper to reach out to them. This kind of marketing has been there for ages and as long as newspapers are …

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How to Maintain Integrity in Business and Why it is Important

If you are running a business, one of the greatest values that you could hold is integrity. Integrity will make you go places and it will take your business to the next level. It can be quite tempting to gamble with integrity when your business experiences turbulence but in the end, the business will suffer more. In spite of the challenges that you could be experiencing, maintaining integrity is not rocket science.

  • Be Sincere

If you have dealt with people that were not honest, you can attest to it that it is a shame. You feel frustrated. In business, this …

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